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Juan O Savin – Apr 7 2022 – Link. Join Cosmic News on fb. Cosmic News @Telegram. To Support Cosmic News: To Support Cosmic News check out EMF / 5G protection by Body Align. 10% Discount Code: BODYALIGN.

What listeners say about Juan O Savin - The Swallowing Up Of The Deep State Average Customer Ratings. Reviews - Please select the tabs below to change the source of reviews. Reviews. Amazon Reviews. No Reviews are Available. Help Center Redeem a Promo Code Gifts. Juan O Savin on Election - NOTHING TO SEE HERE November 5, 2020 Juan O Savin had a dream September 20, 2020 Juan O Savin leaves short VM about space work and JFK September 5, 2020 Jennifer Mac tries to reach Ellen Degeneres April 24, 2020 April Fools??? Numbers revisited by Juan O Savin March 30, 2020. Juan O Savin | The Real Story of the Obamas and Epstein February 23, 2021 37,840 views 18 comments Cinema Mode Pinterest TRANSCRIPT OF JUAN O SAVIN Pictures of President Obama when he was young and with his mother, at the airport, with his grandparents on the bench and many other pictures; those pictures are all photoshopped.

field mcconnell has an absolutely must hear video on the 21st of june, 2019 in which his guest juan o savin made a truest great speech/presentation of facts about our movement and why it is so important for us all to stick together, especially now, thank you very much field for allowing me to upload this information, as i believe every patriot in.

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To get to the truth, start at the top and go down the list in order. Some of it is repeated. There are two that are the same except one had James, from Northwest Liberty News, who gives his own personal account of Wayne Willott, aka Juan O Savin , aka “W” aka JFK Jr. Juan O Savin 7-23-22, Erased from Medical Books ~ July 24, 2022 " New Human New Earth says: July 24, 2022 at 11:18. Armageddon Software. Juan O' Savin: Latest Bombshell Situation Update and Intel Drop (Video) . Juan discusses why the Media is suddenly targeting him and why that is driven by their need to target Patriots. A cult is running.

Juan O. Savin warns the summer of discontent is here and the country is at a breaking point. The problems surrounding the voting machines from the 2020 presidential election have not been resolved, the Jan. 6 committee is off the rails and Vladimir Putin is taking advantage of the chaos by moving a massive arsenal.

Juan O' Savin: Major Update - The Time is NOW (Video) Μη μου πεις 18:49. Things are speeding up and in this video, Juan joined Spaceshot and they share big updates and encouragement. We all must stand firm and stick together! Don't miss ths one! Google is delisting results! Be the first to tell the world the TRUTH!.

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